Strange bedfellows: African sovereignty & the European far right

Luigi Di Maio, the far right Deputy Prime Minister of Italy believes that ‘Africans should be in Africa, not at the bottom of the Mediterranean.’ He boldly states that the influx of immigrants Italy is facing from Africa is a direct result of French neo-colonialism through the manipulation of their economies and cites their continued use of the CFA franc. This, he says, prevents their economic development, forcing Africans to leave. Former French colonies in West and Central Africa make up the

United we stand?: Land, pan-Africanism & the damoclean sword of sanctions

Land was at the epicentre of different liberation struggles in Africa and continues to be an issue to this day. Pan-African unity was propagated when liberation movements were cropping up on the continent.  It was a call to unite, support nations that were waging war against colonial rule. In Southern Africa there were the frontline states led by Tanzania’s Nyerere, Moçambique’s Machel, Botswana’s Masire, Angola’s dos Santos and Zambia’s Kaunda. These leaders worked tirelessly to help other stat

“We Live On Hope,Kuzolunga’, ‘Zvichanaka’ It shall be well. ” – Opinion

Source: Thando Khumalo|One of the enduring criticisms about Zimbabweans is that we live on hope.‘Kuzolunga’, ‘Zvichanaka’ It shall be well. That’s been the mantra when faced with the most harrowing times we have had to endure as a nation. I am pretty sure that most times even as we recited those encouraging words to ourselves and others there was always a bit of trepidation in them. Will things really ever change? Can this country still be fixed or we have slid down too deep into the abyss? No

Oh Zimbabwe, education is more than just being able to read

A well-loved statistic is that Zimbabwe has the highest literacy rate in Africa. So proud are we of this that it’s spouted each and every election cycle season, and why not? It’s a success story. Zimbabwe has done a phenomenal job in terms of improving access to education for all.  In 1980, the mean years of schooling were only 3.2 years.  After independence more schools were constructed and the number of primary schools increased by around 89%, and Secondary school expansion was even greater

Until your death do me apart: The widow’s lament

Getting widowed in Zimbabwe is life altering, not just the trauma of losing a spouse, but the treatment from those still alive that comes with it.  What is currently playing out with, Elizabeth Tsvangirai, the late MDC leader’s widow, and his family is a script that is all too familiar.  It all has to do with inheritance (read: greed) and especially excluding the wife from it. How widows are treated is so many issues wrapped up in one: women’s rights, constitutional prerogatives, criminal law,

Politics: the dirty game of (self) service?

A servant is one who performs duties for others. A servant’s greatest attribute is humility, and putting others first. At least so the definition goes… With the majority of Zimbabweans being Christian, Zimbabwe has politicians who love quoting the bible when it suits their purposes, usually in seeking to convince the masses that they follow the Christian doctrine. Perhaps ironically, the Bible contains details of thosewho truly believed in being of service to their people. It tells of how humbl

From the bedroom to the presidential boardroom: The slow rise of women in power

Something curious has been happening in Zimbabwe of late. The nation’s First Lady has been holding rallies in various provinces. These rallies look and sound like campaign rallies to me, anyway. Though there’s nothing she could be campaigning for. She was already voted to head the ZANU-PF women’s league. So what could be going on here? These rallies don’t have a name or a coherent purpose most resemble a presidential campaign. The First Lady, and indeed the party, is very coy with the reason f

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